Shoen a calligraphy artist was born in Hyogo prefecture in the same year of the Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan in 1964.
She was dextererous, persistent, and loved writing letters with a brush during her childhood.
She was touched by legendary calligraphy artist Ohgishi’s view of the
world, so she dreamed of becoming a calligraphic leader.
She was absorbed in the youth and athletics competition.
Shoen became the mother of two children, she met again with the calligraphy world, four years later she started her calligraphy school.
Now she is teaching the charm of calligraphy to students in the wide range of age groups, and she is passionate about the work of these cherished words.
She really felt that her work can release people’s mind, heal them, and bring the light of hope in her first solo exhibition held last year.
She believes brief and warm words can connect to the universe by a line and a point released from her brush, then they empower languages and seach deeply into the hearts of people.
Shoen continues working with brushes today as well・・・・



about 松園 (Shoen)


全日本書芸学院 常任理事


現 神河町社会教育委員 6年目

中学校保健体育教諭 6年
神河町スポーツ推進委員 17年
神河町民生主任児童委員 9年
消費生活相談員 8年
2017年 LCW(林忠之主宰)でコーチングを学ぶ





住所 兵庫県神崎郡神河町福本817-46
電話 090-3265-4862
アドレス junko.t358@gmail.com